Our Help

Our Consulting services are able to cover a large span of requirements, from Project Management Consultancy to Feasibility Study. By dealing with a wide variety of projects, we have continuously improved our skills so our Project Management Team can provide you with tailor-made assistance and service. 

We can handle any project from the beginning of its design phase - preparing tender documents and supervising the execution of the project itself - until approval of final documentation and proper completion of the project. 

A good business decision depends on good advice. Feasibility Study is conducted by qualified and experienced engineers, supported by a methodical survey and thorough desk study and based on our independent and professional opinion. This way we can meet a large number of specific requirements, delivering the solutions and services to our clients. 

Our services cover - but are not limited to - the following activities: 

  •     Feasibility Study
  •     Techno-Economic Analysis
  •     Renewable Energy
  •     Energy Saving
  •     Technology Audit