Teknika Advance Solusindo

PT. TAS (TEKNIKA ADVANCE SOLUSINDO), group of TRA (TEKNIKA REGULINDO ASIA) offers a full range of pipeline related services, from standard pre-inspection related services-cleaning, gauging, enhanced cleaning (for more difficult lines), to high resolution inspection services deploying intelligent pigs to measure metal loss, internal and external corrosion, coating loss, mechanical deformations and many other features without interrupting the pipeline transportation process.

We have been in the position of our clients, so we understand the problems they face. Many times have we had the ‘right guy for the wrong job’ as an agency representative has not fully understood our needs. By knowing our focus industries and the clients and the staff we hope to eradicate such issues, taking our time to place the correct person for each position.

We proud to present our company and its teams. The following pages will provide you with a complete insight of what we can offer. We are all ready to supply the best of services and participate in making each of your projects a success.


  • To be the regional leader integral to pipeline inspection methodologies and technologies


  • To not only solve the problems, but provide solutions.
  • To build a strong team supported by highly qualified and experienced personnel.
  • To deliver a project beyond the clients expectations
  • To deliver a project beyond the clients expectations
  • To conduct all projects safety and effectively by treating Health, Safety, and Environment Management as top priorities


  •   Magnetic Flux Leakage ("MFL") Tool
  •   Manufacture of cleaning pigs


  •   Intelligent Pigging Service
  •   Pipeline Cleaning
  •   Fitness for Purpose