Our Investment
Human Resources

TRA consists of professional and dedicated people with complementary profiles. Our engineers, superintendents, supervisors and technicians have an average span of experience of more than 10 years in Oil and Gas industries.

We rely on their professional excellence and their first-hand knowledge of all sorts of environments to supply you with the best service. 

Maintaining the quality of our human resources is a permanent process. Careful recruitment and a thorough assessment of our employees skills help us identify specific competencies. We then help them maintain, complete and enhance those skills by organizing regular vocational and On the Job training sessions. The cohesion of our teams then provides a dynamic transfer of knowledge. 

TRA’s initial specialization in Commissioning has been widened to the fields of Electrical, Instrumentation and Control System disciplines. Our multidisciplinary teams have a great capacity to adapt to specific needs related to E&I, Telecom, Mechanical, Process or Piping. 

Our back office staff also plays an important role in providing full support to project teams. Each department understands that good communication, trust and transparency are essential in the building of a great team.

Number of employee

​TRA consists of around 300 professional and dedicated people with complementary profiles, and the composition are: