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TRA Commissioning Management Software

TRA has develop a multi-user software package dedicated to the preparation, management and documentation of Precommissioning and Commissioning activities.

User-friendly and tailored to the specific needs of each project, this software based on the TRA precommissioning and commissioning methodology is based on the "System Approach" methodology is a key tool during preparation. it also provides a systematic and clear monitoring of all systems and subsystem during implementation phase.

This software enables all those involved in a project to closely follow precommissioning and commissioning activities until completion.

TRA has put a lot of effort into a making the software easy to install and simple to use. Various projects across the world have benefit from its reliablity and ability to fully complement and support the teams work.

Two essential phases can be facilitated thanks to the software's capabilities.


Data base
Populating the data base is easly achieved by importing an exhaustive list of items and basic functions for all disciplines (Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecom, HVAC, Mechanical, Safety), provided on Excel files by engineering contractor, vendors or others. A specific module is dedicated to Piping and Test Pack.

Task Sheets
Each previously imported item and/or basic function will be assigned detailed task sheet forms. The software comes with a complete array of ready-to-use task sheets.

Creation and printout of test sheets
The software automatically generates and prints all the forms required for the building of precommissioning and commissioning dossiers: check-lists, test sheets and Ready for Commissioning certificates (RFC) as well as preliminary check sheets, functional test sheets, operational (mechanical OT and OTP) test sheets, pre start-up activities and Ready for Start-Up certificates.


Data base update
Each completed precommissioning and commissioning task is recorded into the data base.

Activities follow-up
The software provides a precise and wide overview of all activities, ensuring that accurate progress calculation and analysis are available at all times.

Every system, subsystem or disciplines's status is immediately accessible. A wide variety of pre-defined reports can be printed out and specific reports created on request.

A Specific punch-list management module
This particular tool has been developed in order to track and record any onsite non-comformity. Its enhanced capacities will assist user in managing defect criticality levels, following up corrective action deadlines, attributing correction duties and respecting clearance validation procedures.